• Center-Based Programs – TRF offers full-day and half-day center-based ECE programs for children 3 to age 5 at our (list sites) early childhood centers. Center-based ECE programs for children ages 3–5 are also offered at # of other early childhood centers located throughout Inglewood, Hawthorne and parts of Los Angeles. TRF’s ECE classrooms employ the Creative curriculum, which focuses on the individual needs of each child and supports all areas of development—language, cognitive, social emotional, physical and creative. Progress is tracked through ongoing screenings, assessments and tracking of developmental milestones. The program includes providing children with balanced meals daily.
  • Home-Based Programs – Through our Early Head Start, we provide families with an experienced Home Visitor who works with the caregiver and child in the home once a week for an hour and a half. Home Visitors help parents learn about their child’s development through a series of activities and assessments drawn from the Growing Great Kids (GGK) In our home-based programs, parents attend social activities at our centers where they meet with other families and form relationships within their community. These home-based services are offered in AREA’s
  • Early Childhood Mental Health – Offered in selected geographic locations in Los Angeles County, TRF early childhood mental health programs provide center- and home-based mental health services to assess and treat emotional, behavioral and relational difficulties experienced by young children, strengthen parent-child relationships, and promote healthy parenting.
  • Family Economic Success & Stability – We work to ensure that every family has the tools, skills and resources not only to survive but to thrive. Our services include programs that address financial literacy, workforce development, English proficiency, and more.
  • Parenting and Support Groups – TRF offers multiple parent education and support groups to help parents develop parenting and basic communication skills, improve parent-child relationships, foster an understanding of basic child development principles and create a sense of community among a group of fellow parents. These groups and classes include support groups for grandparents raising their grandchildren, fathers, parenting classes in English and Spanish, parent support groups, and classes for pregnant or parenting teens.
  • Health and Wellness – TRF’s Family Resources offers a variety of programs and services that support the health and wellness of children and adults. They include healthful cooking and nutrition workshops, access to food banks, exercise classes, and weight-management and healthy choices program for children.
  • Special Family Events – Available to all children and families who receive services at TRF, events include: sports tournaments, holiday celebrations, arts and crafts days, and clothing and book drives.
  • Resource and Referral Services – TRF counselors are specially trained to understand the multiple needs of families in our community and to provide appropriate referrals for everything from food banks and afterschool programs to treatment for exposure to violence in the home or community or placement in one of our early childhood programs.

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