TRF Nutrition Services

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to the foundation of nutrition and shaping lifelong healthy eating habits. TRF offers a comprehensive nutrition program that contributes to children’s physical and mental growth for school readiness. Our nutrition services offers the following elements that impact children’s learning, development and socialization.

Family Style Meal Service 

An innovative approach to serving meals that supports learning opportunities and promotes communication, conversation. Family Style also allows participants to eat together and to make food choices based on individual appetites and food.

A Healthy Menu 

Our menu is rich in whole grains and offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. We also implement Harvest of Month, incorporate theme based menus that highlight foods from various cultures/ethnicities, and include parents in menu planning.

Special Diets 

Exclusive meal planning by a Registered Dietitian for children with special dietary needs.

Nutrition Screening/Assessment 

Registered Dietitian’s review each child’s nutrition behaviors and provide full evaluations for children a nutrition risk.

Nutrition Education 

Offer diverse nutrition education programs and workshops for parents, staff, and children including grocery store tours and food demonstrations.

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Parent Resources –  Stay connected with our program Nutrition Services

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