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Training and Research Foundation (T.R.F.) is a private, non-profit multipurpose California Corporation, established in June 1966, for the purpose of developing and implementing Social and Educational programs for "low income and disadvantaged populations", and providing training, evaluation and administrative services to entities servicing those populations. From its inception in June 1966, Training and Research Foundation was contracted by agencies and jurisdictions nationwide to provide a multiplicity of services critical to enhancing the competence of administrations, staff and community populations.

Among a partial clientele list of Training and Research Foundation were the cities of Miami Florida, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Des Moines Iowa, Dayton Ohio, Los Angeles, Compton, and Long Beach, Oakland, Berkeley, Bakersfield and Stockton in Northern California, Kingston Jamaica and Nassau in the Bahamas.

Through a variety of specialized training and technical services delivered to a wide span of populations with geographical, cultural, ethnic and operational differences, Training and Research Foundation gained a broad base of experience in planning, developing and administering programs and subsequently contracted with various government entities inclusive of the Federal Departments of Labor (D.O.L.), Office of Economic Opportunity (O.E.O.), Health and Human Services (H.H.S.), Head Start (Administration of Children and Families) and the State Department of Education to provide Training and Technical Assistance to their funded programs.

In 1975 Training and Research Foundation was contracted by the Grantee, to operate a Head Start/State Preschool program as a Delegate Agency through the Economic Youth Opportunity Agency (E.Y.O.A.), later called Greater Los Angeles Community Action Agency (G.L.A.C.A.A.), and now the Los Angeles County Office of Education (L.A.C.O.E.).

Through the years, there have been many changes in Grantee status, however, Training and Research Foundation has continued as a vital and positive force for Head Start/State Preschool children, families and communities by demonstrating its advocacy through consistent competent quality programming and fiscal accountability with a high caliber administration committed to upgrading the well-being of families.

Currently Training and Research Foundation is contracted to operate a Head Start/State Preschool Program as a Delegate Agency for over 1200 children through the Los Angeles County Office of Education (local Grantee) funded by the Administration for Children and Families (A.C.F.) Bureau of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Training and Research Foundation's service areas and operational areas includes Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, South Gate, South Central Los Angeles, Watts, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills and West Adams.

In assuming the contractual responsibility of assuring achievement of predetermined program goals and standards established by the funding sources, the Training and Research Foundation Board of Directors, Parent Policy Committee, parents-at-large, staff and administration strive toward achievement of the highest level and standards.7

Critical to Training and Research Foundation's achievement has been the administrative policy of applying the statutes and regulatory process of the funding sources, expanding the program context to meet the needs of families and communities served and extensively involving parents, community and staff as a team to plan and provide actions which meets and exceeds goals which are jointly established.

This process of "inclusion" without "exclusion", of Provider and Consumer community-wide, continues to promote superior achievement of Training and Research Foundation in every aspect of the program.



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