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The Federal Office of Head Start requires all Head Start /Early Head Start agencies to follow Performance Standards.

How each agency meets the Performance Standards is individualized to the need and resources of that community. The Performance Standard related to volunteering is 1306.22(a)(b)(a) Head Start programs must use volunteers to the fullest extent possible. Head Start grantees must develop and implement a system to actively recruit, train and utilize volunteers in the program.(b) Special efforts must be made to have volunteer participation especially parents in the classroom and during group socialization days.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference in the community, download the Volunteer Application and email it to



TRF is constantly looking for program volunteers. Volunteers are instrumental in helping us accomplish our mission. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, please contact us to inquire how you can assist us.


TRF is a non-profit 503c program and in need of donations. If interested, please contact us and ask how you can make a donation.