A message from NHSA

Dear Directors,


Late Monday, NHSA Executive Director Yasmina Vinci published a message for all Head Start directors. Her full message is here.



Save the Children Action Network released a 30-second video in support of Head Start, encouraging community members to contact Congress members to urge them to avoid cuts to Head Start. The video is targeted for several parts the country including the central valley of California.



The message is premature and could cause unnecessary fear and confusion for staff and parents.

The president’s proposed budget released last week does not mention Head Start at all.

We will not know the White House’s full budget proposal until May.


The marketing of the ad is targeted at Republican members of Congress and is inconsistent with Head Start/Early Head Start’s long history of strong bipartisan support.



If you are contacted by the media about the ad, some key talking points might include:

  • We are unaware of any proposals for cutting Head Start funding at this time.
  • Head Start and Early Head Start have always enjoyed strong bipartisan support.
  • We remain committed to the mission of Head Start / Early Head Start.

The strategy has not changed:

  1. Ask your parents to sign on to the Jenkins-Clark letter. (Current count 4,384; California serves 100,00 children).
  2. Invite your members of Congress to your programs during the spring break – April 10 -21. Find NHSA suggestions here.


Christopher Maricle

Executive Director, CHSA